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Brent Betz

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University of GeorgiaApr 2015 - Present • Athens, Ga
Web Developer Specialist

The primary function of this position is to provide support for online marketing and communications, including, and digital signage in the residence halls. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Design, create and maintain an efficient, effective, responsive (design) and user-friendly website by installing, configuring, and updating various content management systems (CMS), such as Drupal, ExpressionEngine, WordPress, etc. Monitor and edit copy for the public and staff websites, ensuring consistency and adherence to University Housing identity policy throughout.
  • Serve as primary administrator/designer/developer, designing layouts and navigational tools for websites and web-based advertising.
  • Develop and maintain web standards for style, content and code through research of current web trends, assessment and university brand standards.
  • Create and maintain databases related to the housing website.
  • Write, modify and document code (e.g., HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python, etc.).
  • Conduct periodic site audits, monitor and install security updates, and install plugins, extensions and API integrations. Ensure sites adhere to federal and state laws and institutional policies, including accessibility and branding.
  • Update copy and troubleshoot errors through a ticketed request system.
  • Proactively review web content to continuously improve customer service and accuracy. Monitor web analytics to improve communications with stakeholders and create efficiencies.
  • Prepare artwork, create, select and use digital photography and 360-degree images for the University Housing website and digital displays. Create customized room plans for the website.
  • Design email communications and newsletters using email marketing service.
  • Manage housing’s digital sign program, including guiding purchase and installation of digital signs, ensuring continuous functionality and accuracy.
  • Manage University Housing calendar of events and post housing events to the Student Affairs online calendar.
  • Administer housing PR server (Mac/Unix) and Housing/staff/digital displays sites server (Linux).
  • Periodically redesign the website to improve stakeholder experience and to keep up with industry standards.
  • Maintain a knowledge base of all housing, Student Affairs and University of Georgia office functions.

Liberated Media, LLCOct 2011 - Mar 2012 • North Augusta, SC

Supporting the Joint Army Experimentation Program as Subject Matter Expert and technical support in the area of Proof of Concept testing for Army tactical operational communications systems and networks for the Current Force, LandWarNet Concept, Modular Forces and Future Force Army using the Battle Lab Collaborative Simulation Environment (BLCSE).

DSLR Fundamentals: An [Interactive] Introduction To Photography

The volume covers setting up your DSLR, how to shoot properly, exploring predefined shooting modes, learning manual settings (aperture, shutter speed, ISO), basic equipment needs, composition and technique, image storage and organization, image editing software, sharing, syncing and backing up, reference materials and more.

Released: August 2, 2012 • Apple iBooks | Amazon Kindle | Kobo Books | Nook Books

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An [Interactive] Introduction to Macro and Close-Up Photography

An Introduction To Macro & Close-Up Photography, part of the DSLR Fundamentals series, is an eBook written specifically for those interested in learning more about the basics of macro and close-up photography.

Released: Novemeber 8, 2012 • Apple iBooks | Amazon Kindle | Kobo Books | Nook Books

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Compact Camera Fundamentals: An [Interactive] Introduction To Photography

An eBook for iPad written specifically for the Point-And-Shoot (PAS) photographer. The book uses a multi-touch interactive approach - including videos, animations, 3D models, calculators, diagrams, graphs, charts, photographs, reference materials, and glossary - to explain and teach a variety of concepts.

Released: Novemeber 8, 2012 • Apple iBooks | Amazon Kindle | Kobo Books | Nook Books

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ESP, Inc.Oct 2011 - Mar 2012 • Ft. Gordon, Ga
Systems Engineer

Supporting the Joint Army Experimentation Program as Subject Matter Expert and technical support in the area of Proof of Concept testing for Army tactical operational communications systems and networks for the Current Force, LandWarNet Concept, Modular Forces and Future Force Army using the Battle Lab Collaborative Simulation Environment (BLCSE).

USfalcon, Inc.Jun 2010 - Aug 2011 • Ft. Gordon, Ga
Systems Engineer

In accordance with the statement of work, developed simulation training for Army systems such as JNN, SPOF, FBCB2, MCS and other ABCS capacities. Provided instruction in the areas of communications and information technology systems, training aids devices, simulators and simulations for current and future systems (i.e., the STRYKER Brigade Combat Team (SBCT), modularity, Network operations (NETOPS), information assurance, network management and security, homeland defense, and the fielding of digital C4ISR systems). Assisted with development input to Army requirements documentation while working with Combat developers, program managers, TRADOC system managers, and HQDA. Assisted training Developers with development on New Equipment Systems training documentation and performed all associated tasks involved in fielding to all Army proponents. Assisted with development of documentation for government use in the management, strategic planning, and coordination of analysis, design, and development of training programs. Provided COHORT training for the SBCT at the Signal Center and other TRADOC centers and schools. Assisted with design, development, and coordination of new training programs and products, to include computer-based training (CBT) and distant learning lessons or modules. Assisted with coordination of new equipment training data and training program impacts, documented routine technical problems and/or recommended corrective actions concerning new equipment training. Provided design analysis for transitioning future Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) training from Flash-based production to non-proprietary, more accessible HTML5 content.

Developed and implemented procedures for training product validation. Maintained existing frontend, database, and bug tracking systems installed two years prior in this same position (see below) using HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, Apache, MySQL, PHP. System integration testing used gray box methodology for the following topics: scope, compatibility, functional, dynamic, and verification/validation.

Simulation/Software/CBT products included:

  • 25P MSO/M
  • Blackboard 9.1 Migration
  • KMI
  • Troposcatter MS
  • WIN-T INC 2

The Angelo Group, Inc.Jun 2009 - Jun 2010 • Martinez, Ga
Marketing Manager

Re-designed/maintained corporate web site using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Designed/maintained corporate intranet using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Installed/configured/maintained Content Management System (CMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) servers/software on Apple Mac mini using Apache, MySQL, PHP. Re-designed/administered mixed (Windows/Mac) corporate network of ~15 users. Created user-specific asset databases and directories. Created web-based tools to solicit feedback, provide better data visualization, and improve efficiency using HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), Flash, MySQL, PHP.

USfalcon, Inc.Sep 2008 - Jun 2009 • Ft. Gordon, Ga
Software Engineer

Conducted testing of Army simulations/CBTs for Windows Vista compatibility. Lead validation work groups in evaluating alternatives to current testing system that resulted in a more cost/time effective environment and procedure set. Played key role in the development of standardized testing procedures in support of product testing for the U.S. Army Signal Center that were later used in the default assessment routine. Created repositories on Windows and Mac networks and versioning system for functional source code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Lingo, ActionScript, MaxScript, XML) using Subversion. Implemented bug reporting procedure and software using Bugzilla and, later, Mantis. Constructed database and web-based frontend for test results entry and automated data retrieval using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Assisted department heads in identifying bugs with current deliverables in order to better facilitate reporting to contractors.

JANUS Research Group, Inc.Nov 2002 - Aug 2008 • Evans, Ga
Marketing Coordinator

Created company-wide marketing strategy. Re-designed/maintained corporate site using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP. Produced volumes of marketing materials for company products and services (internal and external). Designed proposal submission templates. Produced company newsletter. Created web-based tools to solicit feedback, provide better data visualization, and improve efficiency. Designed Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign proposal templates. Managed Microsoft SharePoint server for Business Development department.

Proposal Developer

In coordination with the Business Development Director, developed and prepared proposals in response to government RFPs. Worked closely with departments and their representatives to compile, organize and present the company's desirable products and services into well-designed, properly formatted written bids. Duties included interpreting contracts, agreements and provisions, tracking proposals, writing proposals and other documentation, making sure proposals in progress complied with instructions, managing production and distribution of all work documents, ensuring proposal formatting, helping with developing and implementing work solutions, developing presentations and gathering critical information for different personnel.

Project Lead

Phase 1 Project Lead of Serious Games laboratory safety simulation application for National Institutes of Health. Assessed risk/cost concerns and requirement of customer to develop simulation system requirements. Analyzed user, customer, and PM requirements to arrive at optimal solution for recommendation to Project Manager. Created initial application prototype using Director and Flash (development was later moved to Unity), conducted market research for target demographic (graduating high school seniors), designed GUI, installed/configured/maintained Content Management System (CMS) and wiki server/software on Linux and Windows boxes using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Apache, MySQL, PHP for better collaboration between team members.

Senior Simulations Architect

Created interactive 3D simulations of the following communications infrastructure and equipment for the DoD/U.S. Army Signal Corp: Base Band Node (USARPAC), Sectera GSM Phone, Network Operations Vehicular (NOC-V), Tactical Satellite Terminal (TST), Joint Network Node (JNN), Ku Band TACSAT System, Tactical Hub Node, TDMA/FDMA Hub with MRT, Nodal Network Simulator (NNS). Coordinated with customer, PM, and Project Manager to analyze system requirements in order to explore several development (tools, methodology, distribution) alternatives to determine both the most cost efficient and user applicable solution. Development included 3D modeling, programming immersive environments, developing API structures, GUI design, and creating tools to auto-generate documentation. Assisted Project Manager with analyzing requirements and developing solutions for prototype designs, release testing methodology, and working documentation for developers, trainers, and user. Skills and software used for these projects included MaxScript, Lingo, ActionScript (2.0), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Perl, XML as well as 3ds Max, Director, Flash, Photoshop.

TSAV, Inc.May 2002 - Nov 2002 • Athens, Ga
Lead Digital Artist

Re-designed existing web site to allow greater functionality, availability of new content, and dynamic updating by employees without requiring coding experience using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, and PHP. Managed office wireless network and intranet. Created Flash-based animations and programmed remote application for serving advertisements on plasma media screens located throughout Athens. Designed promotional print material. Performed various CAD tasks using AutoCAD. Installed/configured/maintained asset server on Linux box using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Apache, MySQL, PHP.

Averick New MediaMar 2000 - Apr 2001 • Athens, Ga
Senior Designer/Project Manager

Responsible for leading the development team through design and production processes, both as Senior Designer and Project Manager. Designed/produced web sites for a variety of small to medium-sized companies in several industries using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Conducted client visioning sessions and regular production meetings. Assisted clients in establishing corporate identity through logo design and assorted print marketing materials. Administered corporate Windows network of ~10 users.


Stone Mountain Elementary School

1977 - 1982 • Stone Mountain, Ga

Shiloh Middle School

1983 - 1985 • Lithonia, Ga

Shiloh High School

1986 - 1989 • Lithonia, Ga

Samford University

1989 - 19909 • Birmingham, Al

Georgia State University

1991 - 1992 • Atlanta, Ga



  • C/C++ (but, no...)
  • CSS
  • Go
  • HTML
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python (and MicroPython, CircuitPython)
  • Swift


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Apple macOS/iOS
  • Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Workspace
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Windows
  • UNIX

  • Environments/Frameworks

  • Aptana
  • Eclipse
  • Visual Studio
  • Xcode
  • LAMP
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • Django
  • Docker
  • VMware vSphere for Enterprise
  • Drupal
  • ExpressionEngine
  • WordPress

  • Personal


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